Reflex Nutrition – Sporting Supplements – As Used by Modern Athletes

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Published: 17th November 2010
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All sports today have become ever more professional and hard hitting. Anyone in their thirties or forties will be able to remember that footballers, rugby players or indeed any athlete in the past had hugely different physiques. While they were undoubtedly physically fit and extremely skilled, their bodies did not have the definition, stamina or build of athletes today.

Take for example a rugby player of the 1980s. He was without doubt fit but the onus for a prop was to be big and strong, the hard hitters – bulk was the key factor to success. In 2010, the prop has evolved into not just being big, but his size is much more refined and muscle tone much more defined. Players today don’t carry any excess bodyweight, everything is calculated to ensure that their body fat ratios and muscle indices are optimised.

This is where modern body building supplements and sporting nutrition comes to the fore. Mixed in with highly managed trainings schedule, modern supplements such as Reflex Nutrition can help fully optimise an athlete’s body. Reflex Nutrition is one of the UK’s leading sport supplements manufacturers and sponsors athletes from a range of sports who use the products to improve their performance, stamina and endurance. Reflex Nutrition’s One Stop is an "all in one" muscle building supplement that is whey protein based with a measured amount of carbohydrates, creatine, glutamine and other supplements that help convert body mass into muscle. The end result of taking Reflex Nutrition is a streamlining of body mass and quick conversion to muscle.

In addition to Reflex Nutrition One Stop, athletes are turning increasingly to other body building and sporting supplements such as PhD Nutrition, another UK based manufacturer. Like Reflex Nutrition, PhD Nutrition sponsor a range of athletes that use their products and this again highlight the evolving physiques of the modern athlete. Another key body building supplement company to be keeping a keen eye on is BSN with their BSN No-Xplode range of products. As with the other leading sporting supplements companies, BSM sponsor a range of athletes engaged in some of the most competitive and punishing sports.

If you are looking for the most competitively priced Reflex nutrition products on the market, Body Tone Warehouse offer free delivery on a large number of sports and bodybuilding supplements. The company also other hugely popular products such as popular products including BSN N.O. Xplode, PhD Nutrition and Reflex One Stop.

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